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If you like to travel to different places in the United States and don’t know what to do when you get there, this is the place to be. I share a list of 10 things to do in different cities around the United States. On Thursdays, you’ll also receive a state bucket list of a new state each week.

Why I started this…

I’m a Marine Corps veteran who served for 26 years. Twenty-three of those years were on active duty. I’ve gone to six countries and have been stationed at 15 bases - some of them twice. I’m ready to see the country that I proudly served in all her glory.

So, I’ve been researching where to go and there are not many places that have a list of things to do or where to go for a quick visit so I started my own and am sharing it with anyone who wants to see it.

I’ll be posting a list of 10 things to explore which includes local gems, parks, monuments, historical sites, and everything else there is to see. I’ll be posting some history, fun facts, amusing and interesting places to go see; as well as, the diverse culture this fabulous country has to offer.

My hope is that you go and explore the United States so you know why this country is worth serving. Let us know what you like about the places you’ve been.

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